dollparts (dolliedestroyed) wrote in ohiolesbians,

Two weeks ago today, I would have told you that I was with the love of my life. Almost a week ago today, my entire world fell apart. My girlfriend (and ROOMMATE for the next 7 months!) ditched me on sunday to go hang out with what she claimed was a friend. Monday she told me that she liked the so-called friend, who is supposed to be my friend as well, and by Wednesday they had kissed. She has spent every night with her for the most part and it is breaking me apart. Last night she actually came home, hugged me, kissed me a few times, and texted her non-stop. (I know I'm dumb for letting her kiss me..I can't let go just because I should.) Part of me thought that maybe she hadn't made up her mind yet, but I'm quite certain she has. This morning she told me she fell out of love with me a long time ago, but then she hugged and kissed me yet again. I'm confused as to whether she means what she is saying, or she is just saying it to hurt me. I am just hoping for the day where things end with them to come really soon.

Any advice or tips on how to move on?
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