Laila (bittersweetdoom) wrote in ohiolesbians,

Hi there,
I posted here before but I thought I'd elaborate more this time haha. I was hoping to find maybe a GLBT young adults group somewhere in Cleveland. I'm here for the summer for a music magazine internship and know not a soul except the roommates I found on Craigslist. It's a nice guy and girl who are dating, and they're really sweet, but I'm kind of shy so I have trouble relating to them and was hoping to branch out and make friends. BUT the shy thing, once again, gets in the way. So I figured a group setting might ease my mind a bit hah. So yes, any suggestions (even non-glbt ones) would be much appreciated =).

Oh and I'm in westlake I think it is. Or westpark? One of the two haha.
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