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I think I was on this community a couple of years ago. I'm looking for new friends. I'm in the Columbus, Ohio area. Behind the cut is the main entry I've been posting to add me type communities.

You can call me Amy. I'm 25 years old, living in the okay-most-of-the-time state of Ohio with my boyfriend and our dog and cat. I am pansexual and polyamorous and my journal does touch on that from time to time. I am also a proud fat chick. I dig music of all types, movies of all types (my favorites are indie films, but my current movie obsession is August Rush), photography (mostly nature), web design (I own my own domain), myspacing it up (though not as often as I used to), meeting new people, road trips, the color pink, blowing bubbles, crayons, sex, and sunny days.

My journal talks about smoking and drinking and it does have curse words. I'm a bit of a survey whore, though they are almost always under a cut. I don't whine and bitch about how terrible my life is for the most part, but it does happen once in awhile, because hey, even the best lives are terrible sometimes. I'm very into grammar, and I prefer not to have friends that constantly talk in lolcat (hehe), but I'm not a grammar nazi or spelling nazi. Just to give you an idea of my journal, my last few private entries (I do have public ones too that you can go check out) involve talk of my boyfriend, our sex life (though not in a tmi fashion), his issues with his baby's mama, and the recent break-up of my (ex) girlfriend and I. It also talks about movies, asks a few questions about the world, and has a couple of those surveys.

I'm looking for people of a mature nature. I'm prefer you be at least sixteen, but I also don't always base on age, as maturity isn't always the same thing. I prefer people that aren't always "woe is me", that have a wild streak in them, that stand up for what they believe in, and that have interesting things to say. I like people that update. I like people that comment when they have something to say, but I don't expect you to comment on every entry, because even though I try, I probably won't comment on all of yours. I'm especially interested in other fat girls, other lesbians, pansexuals, or bisexual, other people that identify as poly, and male friends, however, it's not imperative that you be one of these things to be my friend.

Please comment me before you add me, as I like to read the userinfos of new friends first, and I don't like to end up with a ton of people that have added me that I don't have any interest of adding back.

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